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Ultimate Ascent

This past weekend, I was pleased to be a volunteer photographer for the FIRST Robotics Competition at the Connecticut Convention Center in Hartford, Connecticut. This is a highly spirited regional event aimed at inspiring children to join and lead the future of science and technology. Local sponsors included, Sikorsky-United Technologies, Pratt Whitney, Pitney Bowes and many more. I was pleased to meet bright young minds form local teams in Guilford (Regional Finalists #1 ) and in Shelton (Regional Finalists #2, FIRST Dean’s list Finalists #2, Regional Chairman’s Award Holders).  Congratulations to all the participants.

The event was a blend of equal parts science fair, high school pep rally, and a world wrestling match. This year the theme is Ultimate Ascent.  Teams designed robots that had to pick up discs from the field, throw them at targets, and climb and hold onto pyramid frames for points. The kids programmed, controlled, and fed discs to their robots. They competed to score as many disc/points and pyramid climbing points in a two minute and 15 second matches. 

What stood out most is the kids’ vibrant display of creativity and intelligence. As well as, a balanced representation from girls who will one day become leaders in science and technology fields. To be part of the action read all about them on the FIRST website.