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Artists’ Award Reception: IMAGES 2013

The competition/exhibition was a learning experience for me. I most value the firsthand photography knowledge shared with me by all the Connecticut photographers I met while preparing for the exhibit. Most notably, landscape photographer Peter Kindlmann, who eloquently conveyed the value and inherent difficulties involved in producing photographs that realistically portray what our human eyes actually see, what our human brain perceives, and what our human emotions sense. Peter would tell you that “tapping those dinky little hooks into the wallboard” was not as swift as he would like. However, I enjoyed working with him and having the time to discuss art and photography with such a creative ally. I am delighted to say that Peter Kindlmann is exhibiting at IMAGES 2013.

In case you cannot make the Mill Gallery Show, Peter has graciously allowed me to present his “Rock Study #3, Bog Brook Cove, Maine” photograph (above). He printed this work with precision, balance, and sparkling hues. Something only trained hands can manage.

Peter also has a solo exhibit at the Guilford Library through this week. The Guilford Library is located on 67 Park Street in Guilford, Connecticut. Please call for viewing hours (203) 453-8282.

If you can stop by, you will see wonderful landscapes, waterscapes, rock formations, and my personal favorite architectural interiors. But not the kind I am used to photographing, these are of wonderfully nostalgic spaces with charm and depth.

When I see this interior image, I am instantly there in the room and my mind begins to write a story line complete with three acts, setup, conflict, and resolution.