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PDN Photo Annual Contest

The 2013 PDN Photo Annual, a top industry award competition, is this month. I have decided to throw caution to the wind and enter in the personal category, not only because this contest is being sponsored by my professional association ASMP, but because a split second idea, a photo in my mind has become something tangible. 

Over the past year or so I have put together a strong series of photographs I named “The Guides, a Self-Portrait.” To clarify the title, I have to take you back to a calm winter day as I drove to my office job. I looked to my right and imagined a figure standing in the brush waiting to show me my life’s path. Everyday until I created the first self-portrait I saw the composition with more and more detail. The figure was there again and again waiting, waiting until I was ready. Is the figure a bird? Is the figure a woman? Am I the figure? This premise became my subject matter.

Today I’m thankful to say, that I stopped the car and took that photo, which led to a series and changed the trajectory of my professional life. Please enjoy this collection as much as I have enjoyed creating it.