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#Giving Tuesday

Slept late on black Friday, worked through cyber Monday, but definitely made time for #Giving Tuesday. A time when the collective strength of social media and social consciousness  have a chance to support, participate in, and celebrate giving. Philanthropy, over my lifetime, seems to has been muted by the booming voice of consumerism. That’s not to say that one is good and the other bad, just that the balance has shifted too much in one direction.

How about I (and you?) spend a little less on gifts and a little more on donations to charities? I’m still going to buy a great sweater for my husband Bob this year, but instead on spending $200 on cashmere (which I’d shrink in the wash anyway), I’ll spend half and give the other $100 to help preserve the rainforest. This way I am able to give to my immediate-family AND to my community-family.

As you may have guessed, I’ve turned on my metaphorical loudspeaker and with it I hope to bring some resonance back to philanthropy. Testing, 1 2 3 testing ... I encourage everyone to let their generosity and humanitarianism run wild and to support all the charities they value most. Some of the charities dearest to my heart (go ahead, call me a tree hugger, it’s true!) are listed and linked here:

Join me in #Giving TODAY and if you know anyone who may be interested in donating to these important charities please send then your-very-own-loudspeaker-reminder!


Thanksgiving Times Two

Thanksgiving 2013 is here in the United States and for me that means spending time stateside with family, indulging in homemade food, and, of course, reflecting on what I’m grateful for. I want to thank my family, friends and clients for being part of my personal and professional life and for inspiring me everyday. THANK YOU!

In this post, I also want to share that this year, just before Thanksgiving, I was fortunate enough to spend time with family and friends in Poland. This nourished me more than the fanciest Turkey Dinner ever could and here are some images I took on my visit.